Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Saturday Sewing Room-

Good afternoon everyone! What are you doing on this fine Saturday? Are you working in your craft room? Sewing? Quilting? Maybe you are reading?
Well until about 11:00 this is what my daughter was doing.
Can we say passed out?? She was up late last night doing homework. This morning she let the dogs out and then went back to bed! Nothing is waking her this morning!

This is a close up of the blocks that I already had done. I added a rails block that I had laying around. I thnk that I will add some more rail blocks, I like the way they look.

Another close-up of the blocks that I had done. I really like the star block.

So I started out with 13 done. I need to get 42 made, this may take alittle time. But I am looking  forwarded to getting this quilt done.

So these are the ones that I started out with having done.The first row is sewn together, the rest I put up on the wall so that I can see where to put them in the quilt.

I really like the wonky hearts and the other star that I got done.

These are the extra blocks that I got sewn last night- 8 more so that helps alittle.

This is not a good picture but for whatever reason  blogger won't let me not put it in! The computer is not helping me out today at all!
Let me know what you are working on this weekend.


  1. My kind of wonky, liberated, colorful fun! Way to go...and I am loving doing much of the same :)

  2. Oh your crumb blocks are looking great. Keep plugging along.