Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well hello there friend....  hope that you had a beautiful day today. First to all the Irish as well as the wanna-be Irish... Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you all had some great food and got to see friends.
If you are a quilter... Happy National Quilt Day! I hope you got to work on something in your sewing room! I wish  would have had the time to do some sewing today.
What did I do instead you ask? Well Mikhaila and I went to the 12th annual New Ventures Gardening Seminar in Minong, that I told you about a couple days ago. It was a beautiful day here in NW Wisconsin and we got up early to get ready and get on the road. The seminar started at 9:15, we were greeted by smiling gardeners and coffee and donuts for breakfast. There were different vendors that had various goods to sell- anywhere from books to plants. The presentations were all very good, inspiring and we even watched the movie "A Chemical Reaction" that is out. Lunch was great! Very good food, the ladies did a wonderful job hosting - also any men that may have been behind the scenes. =) We saw various people that we knew but had not known were coming, it was fun to catch-up.We will sure put it on the calendar for next year!
Here are some pictures that we took. Enjoy!
Lovely flavored water, refreshing!

The water looked to good to drink! Mint, rosemary, fruit, basil, dill, lemons and water

Lunch was very good. The cook did wonderful treats for dessert , sandwiches that were yummy, an awesome noodle salad! It really was worth the $14 just to have the lunch!

Another yummy drink! Shaved ice in a punch with grapefruit and lime slices! Wonderful!

A close-up, wish I would have gotten the recipe for this one!

The tables were decorated for St. Patrick's Day.

Mikhaila with her green on! She was originally going to rebel and wear red, white, and blue. I am glad she changed her mind, she looks great in green!

She still put alot of food away even though she had a good cold going on!

One of the table displays. People could bring in pictures from the yards or from their clubs. The planted bowl on the right was awesome!! All miniature plants and accesories- it was a door prize!

Isn't it awesome! I would love one that looks just like it!

Another door prize! They really had some great things donated!

Awww it was so good to see plants that were all fresh and blooming!! Beautiful!

Meleah- one of the presenters, she gave two presentations. Both were very good. She can be reached on her blog

Mary Ellen was there with info on the Monarch Butterfly. The Happy Tonics are right in Shell Lake- they have a great butterfly garden that  you can stop and see. Their info
 The table on the right sold plants today. Very Nice plants!

Meleah giving her other presentation. A great table set-up behind her with pictures and cards to sell.

Here is a close-up of the plant table. Its looking a little bare now! I know I brought two plants home.

Oh aren't they cute! I thought the St. Patty's colors went well with having  a garden seminar! It was nice they decorated for both!

Some more of the St. Patty's Day decor.

One of the attendants!! LOL No it is actually a dsplay at the Minong school where the seminar was held. Very nice school!

Mikhaila won a gift certificate as well a garden stake. She is soooo lucky!

A BIG thanks to all the vendors, presenters, works, planners and attendees. It was a wonderful day to talk about gardening!

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