Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going to Try- It Again... Ducks!

Good morning there friend, I wish we had time to sit down and have a cup of tea and catch-up with what is going on in your neck of the woods. However, today is one of those days I really have to be productive and get a bunch of things done! Do you ave those days where you are a little overwhelmed and you have not even gotten out of bed? Well that is how I have been feeling lately so today I really need to get some strawberry Rhubarb jam done, some onion jam, some sewing ( for work) and I really want to do some FUN sewing- I have some projects I want to start and some I should have done already! Never enough time to get things done! What are you working on? Are you sewing anything fun? How about canning things- any yummy recipes you want to pass on? Let me know.

So if you have read the log for awhile I try to do something on Try-It Tuesday. I got the idea from Jo over at Jo's Country Junction. So today I am going to share my new thing we are trying... again. Ducks!!! We had some runner ducks last year and they ran away- we lived by open water and well ducks like water! Lets just say I was heart broken!

So I found a lady  on Craigslist that was moving and she had a pair of Muscovies and they had 4 babies. So we went and got them a week ago.....

This is Daddy Duckie- he came with his mate and four babies.

The one duckling by mom should be white (?) as he has no markings. Maybe a beige- I am not sure if yellow means white feathers for ducks as it does for chickens.

The babies love their daddy! I am so surprised that he is so into them following him around.

Mama duckie! We still have not named her! She is a good protective mom.

On Sunday we figured they would know home being they had been in the barn for almost a week so we put some pallets together and took them outside for some fresh air.

Taking a nap and yawning! LOL This yellow guy has a blueish colored bill!

Daddy is on babysitting duty! They are all sleeping by his tail! LOL

Do you think the second one is comfortable? He is laying on his side and had his head propped up on his dad! =)
Here they are this morning. Having some outside time. I need to make a fenced in area for them to run around in. That way they can be pasture fed but safe from all the other animals- wild and domestic!

Here are the babies. The Two have blueish bills! The good thing is mama is starting to lay again so I am hoping for another batch before fall! I also hope Rebel- the chicken hatches out some babies as she is sitting on a nest with 13 eggs! Keep praying for babies! 
 Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we are doing here at the farm. Now on to some of the other tasks on my list! Have a great day. Come back soon.


  1. Oh my goodness, what beautiful ducks! Is it true that Muscovies will hiss instead of quacking?

    1. Yup Muscovies are hissers not quackers. The sort of sound like they are whispering. They also are not as needy with the water as others are.

  2. Your duck family is all too cute. Thanks for sharing your "new family". Sandi