Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sawyer County Dairy Breakfast - June 23,2012

Good morning friends- It is a bright and sunny day here in the north country! The sun is shining,  can here the grass growing after last nights rain, the birds are singing and flying around, maybe feeding little ones. Oh course the geese are happy, they have headed out to the pasture to have some breakfast- talking amongst themselves all the way! What is going on in your neck of the woods? I sure am praying for those folks in CO with the fires and Duluth, MN with the flooding. I know even here in our state of WI we have certain areas that have not had rain, or have had very little. We have been very blessed to have had rain, at times a lot of it. Everything has really been growing, the crops are looking great.

Mikhaila and I went to the Sawyer County Dairy Breakfast yesterday and wow what a turnout! We did have to stand in line- that is because one 15 year old wanted to sleep in! LOL The food was wonderful as usual - and we were very impressed with the fair grounds as we had not been there before. Thanks so much to all the hard workers and all the people that donated money, time or anything else. You all did a wonderful job and we appreciate you!

This is Kevin from the Ag Station. Need to know what bug is killing something in your garden?  Would you like to be a Master Gardener? He is the one you talk too.

One of the cut signs that they had up.

A very cool sign when you enter the building. The trees and things are actually wood cut outs so it has dimension to it!

This is Otto from the Ag Station. If you need help with animals or a grazing plan- he s the one that will help you! Mikhaila has the same cow shirt and she almost wore it that morning! LOL

Some of the line. There was probably 1,000 people that went through!

Volunteers hard at work!

This was a very cool cooker- the top went around as the pancakes cooked on it! Very cool! Never seen one of these before!

Mikhaila thinks we need one of these squirters! LOL Really?? How many pancakes do I need to make at one time?

Royalty was there as well!

Springbrook Organic Dairy was there with their awesome milk. Wow they now have their drinkable yogurt! Way to go!

Yes we had ice cream and strawberries on our pancakes and free cones as well!

Mikhaila loves her naked neck chicken!! This one was pretty fancy!

Wanted to take this little one home!

What a cutie! What is dairy month without the cows??

These are Mule footed Hogs! They are on the endangered list. They are awesome and I want one! Wilbur needs a girlfriend!

Strawberries anyone

Yes these are tulips and they are carved! Amazing or what??? He had all kinds of toys and things he had carved out of wood.

These should be in my yard! They are the cutest thing!!! Whoever planted them did an awesome job!!

Yup there are cow ones too on the picnic tables!

These were hung from the rafters in the building. Mikhaila wants a bunch of these to hang in her room! Yes she is a cow freak!

These signs are just too cute! Can you tell we had a rainy Saturday?

Once again thanks to all the hard working folks! You did a fabulous job! We look forward to seeing all of you at next years Dairy Breakfasts! Please remember to thank a Farmer for all they do!


  1. Such beautiful photos of a perfect day!
    Love those chicken planters!

  2. Please tell me that was YOUR cone that was filled to upper deck proportions!!!

  3. As one of the dairy breakfast volunteers, and a fair board member, I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for coming. I'm so glad that you both had such a great time! I love all of the photos, but especially those of my chickens, ducks, and pigs. :) They will also be attending our annual county fair in August if you happen to be in the area. I will let all of the other volunteers and coordinators know that they did a great job! The 4-H kids who planted the chicken and cow planters will be very happy with the compliments. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you next year!

    1. Hi Kelly- Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for leaving me a message! We had a wonderful time.My daughter was in love with your Turkens and I with your pigs! Would love to have some of those piggies running around! We are huge 4H supporters so thank you in advance for letting any 4Her know they did a great job! We will hopefully run into you at the fair in August!

    2. I've really enjoyed reading your blog- the jam looks very yummy by the way! The turkens are turning out to be one of my favorite chickens that I've got this time around. They actually caught a mouse the other day- I was thrilled! I planned on bringing more to the breakfast but they were all I could catch at 5 a.m. and I wasn't going to try very hard. :) At any rate, I'm so glad that they were enjoyed there as well!

      As for the pigs, I will be breeding them this fall for some spring babies. If you're interested in some of the babies, please let me know. We've been raising commercial breed feeder pigs since 2006, but have found it so hard to get pigs in the last few years that we decided to start breeding our own. Well, after a lot of research, we decided on the mulefoot pigs. They have been so much fun so far and so easy to work with! I'm really looking forward to showing them at the fair!

      I hope that we will run in to each other at the fair. I'm usually in the fair office, but will be taking some time out to show my animals and help with the Jr. Livestock Auction. Just a thought...I don't know if you're interested or not, but there is always room for more exhibits at the fair (maybe you could bring some of the jam, or participate in the Pie baking contest, show some animals, etc..) &/or there are a lot of volunteer positions open as well. :) Please stop by and introduce yourself! Have a great afternoon!

  4. Those strawberries look fantastic! And I love the cow shirt!