Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book Review- Veneer by Timothy D. Willard and Jason Locy

Veneer is a must read if you know people that have a thick veneer or if your brave enough to admit that you might have one also.

Veneer addresses the fact that we have grown use to people having false identities. Ones that they have created by either showing us by their actions, interests, desires or by what they have chosen to tell us . People veneer themselves in order achieve recognition from the world by enhancing their outer appearance, living in a new and up coming neighborhood, working at a certain job, liking the "popular people" in movies, magazines and television. The heaviest "Veneer" we put on ourselves is what we tell OR don't tell the people in our lives about ourselves. People seem to always be looking for the next best thing, some fame to show that they are suppose to be here or that they have left their mark on society. Some people achieve this "fame" by having Face book, Twitter, blogs. They create the person that they want to be, the identity that they think others will like, respect or love. What are we left with? Lots of broken, unhappy, veneered people that have lied about their whole life. They are still left wondering why they feel so unfulfilled so insignificant. They have not grasped that what they are really searching for are "real, honest, deep" relationships.
God has a fierce love for humankind. In that fierceness we realize that we are born from God. God wants us to build our love on sacrifice, putting others before ourselves- this is a hard concept if you are a person living a veneered life. God wants us to be living real, honest, deep relationships where we show our real selves to others. We are to look at other people as a part of ourselves- when we see friends it should be like looking at our family that we are related to by blood. Their struggles should effect us as much as our own struggles because we are all ONE family.  The family of God. Are we meeting those needs of our family members ?  Do we pass it off for someone else to take care of? We are to go into the world and to behave in a  way that brings praise to our Father in heaven. We are to make it our purpose that EVERYTHING we do and say brings glory to our Father. Is this how we are living our life? Or do we have a little too much veneer?
Society is commonly cheap.
We meet at very short intervals not having had time to acquire any new value for each other.
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

This book was given to  me free of charge. This is my review of this book.

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