Friday, September 2, 2011

Good evening my friend. I hope you all had a wonderful day and were able to get out and enjoy the day some. Did you do anything fun today?
I have to admit today I have been knitting some. I told myself that I needed to get the prayer shawl off my sticks BEFORE I can start anything new. Well that has been torture!  But I am sticking to it and have been  working on the Prayer shawl. Especially since I got a new pattern the other night that I REALLY WANT to work on....
So the other night I went to my friend Shelley's store. Shelley has an awesome fiber store, she sells lots of yummy yarn and fabulous patterns she is an great knitter to boot! Well on Tuesday night she had an open class called Fiberaholics, so I went to get some "girl time" in and well to knit with some awesome knitters!! Shelley helped me out with a finding a pattern for a pair of socks that is done in the round instead of on double points. I really have the sock bug, and now its getting colder I need a couple more pairs! I also had some yarn with me that I showed Shelley and said this is telling me that it wants to be an outer jacket or sweater, something along that line . So she helped me find the perfect pattern, which is actually in a booklet with other patterns I will also use!! Score for me! 
This is the yarn I took in. It was in a hank and Shelley taught me how to spin it into a ball! That was SOOOO fun! I need one of those toys! The yarn still looks better in person than in the picture but I thought I would share.

The yarn is light beige and has some light blue -green in it. Its called Seamoss and its Haitian Rayon and Silk.

This is the back of the pattern, I am doing it all in the one yarn. Although I might have to make another one later.

This is the  front of the jacket, I just love it. It is just what I had in my minds eye. If you would like to make one of your own Shelley has the booklet in stock. The booklet is put out by Berroco, #307- Linsey. If you ordered one of the patterns we could all do a knit-a-long, we could post  pictures of our progress. Fun! While you are checking out Shelley's shop you should also check out her sexy sock yarn. They are beautiful colors, all inspired by a song- have to say the yarn inspired by the song Imagine is still my favorite!

Happy shopping and tell her I sent you!


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