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Burnett Garden Club- Spetember 8, 2011

Good morning friends... the ducks and the geese are talking outside and there is a squirrel outside the window just a chattering. He must be hard at work collecting all the acorns that keep pinging off the roof. All I can say is thank goodness I do not have a metal roof! LOL They are loud enough when they are falling on the roof I have.
Thursday Mikhaila and I were able to attend the Burnett Garden Club. We have been so busy over the summer months that we had not been able to go to any of their meetings. Plus with the storms of this last summer alot of the garden tours were cancelled because of all the trees that were down as well as damage to the gardens themselves. It is sad to know and hear of everyones losses but the only thing we can do is clean it all up, replant our lovely gardens and yards and move on.
Having said that we had Kevin from the Ag Station come and do a presentation.He talked on what trees would be good to choose if you are replanting the ones you lost from storm damage. He told us how to plant them right and things that might happen if you don't plant them right, like root girdling. It was a good presentation and really was information we all needed as it seems like alot of the members lost trees and will or have been replanting already.

After the presentation we did a plant exchange.... all I can say is I am sooooo excited with the goodies that  I received!! I am so blessed! These are the plants that were offered........

The awesome plants that were offered. Some great healthy plants!

Hostas- let me tell you I was excited! Very nice variety too!

I brought mint that had gone crazy by the back garden! It was embarressing how crazy it all looked BUT they are some REALLY healthy plants! Talk about weeds! LOL

One of the plants I was lucky to bring home! Can't wait til next year when its pretty, flowering and bigger! That is what is hard about fall I don't want the growing season to end!

SOOOOOO excited for Irises! They are just a beautiful flower in my humble opinion!

A Hosta Kabitan.... I have waited many years to have hostas, I have not wanted to plant things in a rental house that I would move from at some point. Plus at times it was the price of the plant as well... This year I got one from my friend Linda when she split hers  and was excited when I planted it and it bloomed! Now I have a friend for the Linda Hosta!!
Blue fescue -this is really much nicer in person to look at. Some plants are hard to
show their beauty in a picture.

I think this donkey tail is so cool. I am thinking it should go in the ares by
my sedum, my hens and chicks are there as well. They should do well in the sun being the other two plants love that area.

I am really liking this plant. I get the love of cactus and other desert, sun loving plants from my Great Grandma Marie. As a child I remember shehad a metal water trough (like for horses) that was filled with cactusshe had gotten on various trips. So hey all you folks if you want to get onmy good side give me a prickly ol' cactus! LOL

A close up of my donkey tail.

My other great gift! Soooo excited!

I am so blessed that I received not two but four hostas!!!
A Teaspoon and a Stilletto!!!
Thanks so much!!!

So Mikhaila and I made new friends. We found others that like getting dirty, planting things and watching them grow just as much as we do. We signed up to help out as we are a part of the community and we should all give a helping hand when we can! Plus we received some wonderful plants!  So I would highly recommend joining a garden group, you never know what will "grow" out of it!

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