Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crumbs, crumbs.. oh so lovely crumbs.

Good day friends! What a chilly day, at least in the house and yes the heater is on by the sewing machine. =)
So yesterday I told myself I am taking a break from the regular blocks I have been sewing and I am going to make a crumb block! Nothing was going to stop me I was on a mission. My daughter kind of looked at me alittle fun when I said we cannot go do any errands until I get one crumb block done. So .......
I did it!!! I made a crumb block!! Isn't it the cutest!!!

 I would have made more but I to go run errands.
So this morning what was on my mind??? Well crumbs of course. So I heated up Spicy (the iron) and got Ani Neets all threaded up with some new thread. Yes I have sewn enough that I have worked through 7 spools of thread. They were not all new but hey that is still a lot of thread.When I get some money set aside I will order some new thread from . They have a great newsletter that they will send to your e-mail if you sign- up for it. Reading their newsletter has really taught me alot about thread that I did not know! I am currently drooling over trying King Tut and the Kimono Silk thread. I would also like to belong to the thread of the month club because it would teach me about the different threads , how to use them and maybe get me to use them in new projects I have not done yet. So when everything was ready I made TWO more crumb blocks! Aren't they cute?????

2nd block

3rd block

So that is the goods so far for today. I am going to get this posted and get back to things around here. Go check out Superior Threads, tell me what you think about the newsletter. What thread do you sew with?

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  1. We love your crumb blocks. What a great idea to clean up all those "crumbs". Thank you so much for your kind words. We do love to educate here at Superior Threads and are happy you are enjoying Dr. Bob's newsletter. If you ever have any questions, let us know!