Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok so here are some pictures that I promised I would share with you from Grantoberfest which was held at the fairgrounds here in ..... yup you guessed it Grantsburg! LOL

Here we go.... Mikhaila made her mama proud when she went to the rock wall that was being hosted by the National Guard and climbed all the way to the top!! Woot Woot!!!! You go girl!!

Here we go up the wall. Yes she is wear GREAT shoes to get up there. LOL Big size 11, square toed boots! Hey it is a fall festival and of course the boots made the outfit! LOL 

Trying to figure out where to put her foot next.

Up, up and away.All the way to the top. Go girl!!! Do your mama proud!

She had to give a little war cry as she was in a weird position and was trying to find footing.  

Yes she is hanging on as she lost herfooting and grabbed the wall with her hands and just hung there!!   I was shooting it all!  She was talking to her friends who were on the ground freaking out with me.

She is going to make it!

I LOVE this picture as it shows her concentration. She wanted to be able to get to the top and touch it and not lose her footing. So cool!

Here she is decending, which she did very well. I would have wiped out! What do I mean?? I would not have to decend as I would NEVER have made it all the way to the top anyway. Not even off the ground! LOL

Taking her gear off!! She did it!! She scaled the wall!

I  told Mihaila she should wear her gear around the fair groundsso that she looked all atheletic and cool. She rolled her eyes and took  the gear off! LOL

Here her wall was getting ready to go. I ccould maybe crawl it now.LOL

Here is Mikhaila's first scarecrow. She thought I was nuts when I asked it she was going to make one. She hasn't made on as a teenager. She use to do them as a kid and help stuff the pumpkin bags too.

Here is the close up of her scared guy. He is holding his head and covering his mouth due to being scared

She won blue for being the scariest! Not bad.

Here he is  wearing all of Mikhaila's clothes! LOL I think she came up with a great scarecrow!!

Ok that is it for now as I have to go get some other things done around here. I will get some of the pumpkin pictures up later.
I hope you are enjoying some fall activites. Get out and go for a walk, have a campfire, make an apple pie. It is a beautiful season! So don't get so busy you miss out on it!


  1. Fun was had by all at the festival!

  2. Great scarecrow, Mikhaila!
    I'm with you, (on the ground!) Raine.

  3. Nice photo of Mikhaila rock climbing. Not for me.