Saturday, September 3, 2011

Knitted projects from the fair this year.

Good morning... it is so nice and cool outside a bit nippy tho... fallish weather. I have to say I love fall, my favorite time of the year. I love the leaves crunching under foot, the smell of leaves, warmer clothes- snuggly socks and light wool sweaters. Campfires and the smoke that gets all caught up in your hair and clothes. Love to go to the apple orchards and get apples and hot apple cider, wagon rides and all the pumpkins. I am a squash fall so acorn squash with butter and some brown sugar.... delicious!!!
Not sure where that all came from.....LOL

So to inspire you little more I am going to post the things we knit and put in the local fair. I hope it gives you some ideas of things to make. I also would challenge anyone to put things in the local fair, its fun, supports your local area and it stretches you as a person. There is nothing like having someone critique your work. Although I will tell you not to take it too seriously, everyone has an opinion and they don't always match up with yours. If you like what you have made that is what is important. My daughter Mikhaila has been in 4H since Kindergarten and she is starting 10th grade this year so she does the fairs every year. My deal with her is that I also get to do the fairs and so we both compete- both get ribbons and have a bunch of fun!!
So here we go.......

The socks I made, wool with fun fur on the top to add some pizzazz. They got second place at the fair, the card says I got second because in open class they can only give 1- first place, 1- 2nd place etc. So I would have gotten 1st not bad! These are my second pair of this type of socks, my first pair were for Mikhaila.

This is the scarf Mikhaila designed. She looked at a pattern and then tweaked it and did acouple yarn overs in the middle.

This is the close up of the middle so that you can see the stitches. This is made out of a cotton yarn.

Another of Mikhaila's items, a headband. She always decides to make something new that she has not tried before or a pattern she really likes the look of but then she usually tweaks it to make it her own.

Here is a close up so you can see the stitches.She used a yellow and an orange silky yarn and knit both yarns together. 

Mikhaila's wash cloth made with good old 100% cotton.

Here are the stitches up closer.

Here is the hat she made. She started with a pattern and then went her own way and decided what stitches she was going to use instead of the ones on the pattern. It paid off she received a blue ribbon and also a  best of show ribbon.

Here are the stitches up close. It is made of wool, Cascade yarn.

This is a scarf that I made out of two different silky yarns. The orange is the same as the yarn used in Mikhaila's headband. It is made on bigger sticks and is a loose knit.

As you can see there are different patterns in each square.

Ok so I am throwing this in as well. It is the last thing I took to the fair. I have a couple more of these to make and then they will go to charity.

Ok that is it for now. Sure hope it helps you think of a new project to make. Remember the best gifts are homemade gifts, it really shows the person that you care about them. It also shows the receiver the heart of the giver.

Surprise someone with your talent!

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