Friday, September 16, 2011

Pumpkin pickin'

Hello dear friends. I am so sorry I have not been on here but I got so sick from the flu shot that I took for Hospice! I was OK for the first three days- I had  a headache, sore muscles was a little hot so I figured something was coming on but WOW! Bam on Monday I had a headache and was feeling a little hot but I made it through the planning meeting we had going on for the Christmas Tea. Got home and was down for the count ever since! Very little time out of the bed. My daughter has been awesome though. She has made food for herself and me as well as really cranked out the homework! I am so proud!
Well as tomorrow is the local Grantoberfest here in Grantsburg  Mikhaila asked me to help her get the pumpkin that she  has been growing this summer out of the back garden. Well thank God He gave me the strength to go help out. We needed to put it up so the cats or some other animal did not damage it before it gets judged! The last time I had looked at it it was smaller so I thought well she can take it for being pretty as that is one of the catagories well to my surprise it is no longer small!

As you can see this was after the first frost we had on Weds night. So the leaves are all a little wilted. Mikhaila had wrapped her pumpkin up good and tight so it was ok!!!

So we got the pumpkin out of the back garden which is just a nightmare!!  It has been ignored since all the storms on July 1st and so there are a ton of weeds plus nothing except cukes, pumpkins and squash are back there. Along with the perrenials that survived!

As you can see she is happy that the pumpkin grew and that she has something to take to the Festival tomorrow! I am so happy that out of all the things that did not get smashed and trashed in all the storms this summer ....her little pumpkin plant grew! We want to thank Wood River Garden Store for giving the kids a plant to grow. It teaches them way more than you know! It also shows that you want to pass on the "green thumb" to the next generation!  If you want to know about Wood River Garden Store please look on my blog under favorites. If you want a list of tomorrow's activities please look at

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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