Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sharing the day...

Good evening friends... normally I post right away in the morning but well I was busy this morning. I was trying to finish my last day of the Beth Moore bible study I am in- before going to class. Today was the last day! Wow those weeks really went by very quickly.....have to admit I am sad. I will miss my new found lady friends, I will miss getting together to go over the information that Beth is teaching us. I will miss being deep in a hard study- really learning the bible. I made my teacher a mug rug as she is a coffee drinker and well I just really appreciate her opening her house and heart up to us. She is a very nice lady and I look forward to getting to know her even better in the future.
This is the front. I tried my hand on quilting the front this time.

This is the back.                                                                                                 

Then a friend asked  if I wanted some sewing scraps and well I said "yes please" as I am doing this crumbalong. I would like to do a bright crumb quilt for Mikhaila as well as a mixed color one similar to the one Jo has on her site. You can go visit the site if you hit the button on the top of  my blog- Jo's Country Junction really has alot on there to look at so go enjoy it! She has great projects as well as beautiful quilts! So I went over to get what I thought was going to be some scraps...well I was wrong....

This a box that has goodies in it.

This is the big bag of fabric of all sizes! Not just scraps like I thought..... Oh no!!

Here are some of the pieces up close. Can you say WOW!!!

Then the topper of the cake- yarn!! Oh how I really love to get yarn and fabric!Today  I was spoiled!  My day that was a little sad turned right around as I will be able to make a brighter quilt for Mikhaila and I will be able to make some other quilts for charity. I am so glad that God knows my heart and he sees and knows what will put a smile on my face. He knows that I want to bless others and sometimes in doing that I have ignored my own wants and needs. Today He met the needs of Mikhaila's quilt and a charity quilt or two. I will tell you tomorrow what need He met for me personally the other day.....

In closing I have to add some humor. This bonnet was also in the box, actually there are two different ones. Here is my camera shy teenager doing her homework! I think for as much as she shows up on this blog she needs a quilt.. don't you??  

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  1. Raine I was having fun looking at your blog. I cap, I made for wearing in the kitchen at work and decided it could be used for fabric. Enjoy