Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The tomatoes!!

Good evening friends.... come in and lets chat a minute. I hope you had a good day filled with smiles, sunshine, happiness. Yes I really do wish that for you. I hope you took time for yourself and got to read a good book, go for a walk, write about something you like or just close your eyes and think of something else. This morning was cool, a bit nippy as Iflew out of the house at 6:30 am, so I threw on a flannel before going to bible study. The animals met me in the yard just a talkin'. The animals did not seem to mind the cooler weather -I think they prefer it!

I did get some stuff done in the garden today so here are some pics for you.......

Some of the goods at the end of last week. I have to say that I will plant burpless cukes next year again. We have gotten alot of them and they get longer. Not thicker with more seeds like the regular cukes.

A burpless cuke that was in the back garden- 14 1/2 inches long!!!

Close up of the apples. I did not take buds off like they recommended in the pruning class. I thought I would go for quantity not big, huge apples. I am well pleased with what I have on the tree being last year it was really only acouple due to the colder weather and blossoms coming off. The year before that we did not get any more than 4 apples off this tree- just too much dead wood so pruning really helped me on this and the other apple tree I did!

This is the same tree,lots of apples this year. The weather must have helped as I have heard from others that they have a ton of apples on their trees as well! As you can see I did not take all the dead wood off the tree, roughly 30%, my trees are really old and neglected so I pruned them hard!

Mikhaila's watermelon that she had to have. They are growing they are so cute and they are bigger than a golf ball now!!

I have found some red ones. Yahoo!

Mikhaila has about 4 watermelon plants that she chose to plant and she does have some growing!

This is the corn.....I see you laughing! We planted more but due to the storms this is what grew. Its a good eating corn-peaches and cream I believe and a decorative ribbon corn. They are so confused as they are tasseling but there are only leaves on the stalks. Oh well another science experiment. LOL

Green tomatoes that now have some room to grow ........

These are a mixture of tomatoes and peppers of various flavors. They have grown like a weed. I have run into alot of flowers, alot of fruit but a delay in getting them to turn red. What I have been doing is taking off the big ones so that the flowers and smaller fruits can grow, thus getting more fruit in the long run. I can always make fried green tomatoes or green salsa, plus some do ripen on there own even after they are picked.

The question of the day....what is it?? Hey all you gardeners what is white has a cool harder outer shell and a cool design on the outside, and is in the dirt by my vines?? I have never seen one before but it is cool! I touched it and it did not bite back soooooo ..... any ideas. I thought a mushroom but I have never seen ones that look like this.

Hmmmm if you know or have an idea. Please let me know.

Sweet dreams...........

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