Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yum! Produce from the garden.

Hello there folks. I have been really busy and I have neglected all of you. So I am here to show you what I have been up too. This may take some multiple posts!
To begin with I have been harvesting, what have I gotten out of the garden? Well let me show you.

Just some of the cukes that we have grown. We also have the burpless long ones, they are growing great- will plant those again next year. I have gotten more fruit from those as well. A good result from a new product I have grown.

Some tomatoes. I picked some green ones as well as they really have not turned red and I have a ton of flowers on the plants so I want the energy to have the plant turn those flowers into tomatoes, not just continue to grow these.

Some apples off a friends tree. Around here we have apples ready and there are a ton on the trees. My two trees that I pruned have a lot of apples on them, I have not started harvesting them yet, they have turned redder since I left them on the tree. The crap tree is loaded as well. Not as much on the pear tree as I thought we would have.

Some rhubarb, I was so happy to get some more of this as we lost the other stuff in the freezer when it did not work.

Yes a huge bucket of various size cukes. I has been a great year for cukes!

Yes the beans are coming in!! Woot woot! I planted 3 rows, only 3/4 of a row came in. Next year I will be doubling the amount at the first planting as well as doing pole beans too. Plus I might stagger the other plantings just in ase the rows don't come in. We really like beans, so we could freeze as well as an  them for the winter. 

Cabbage. I still have 4 heads of purple to harvest. The goats and the geese ate all the other ones I had planted! Nice of them! These four heads are nice, big, firm and taste ymmy!

Some squash, 15 of them that came off the vine on the first harvest day! There are still alot on the vine! I blessed some different friends with some as I don't need 15 with more coming! LOL

Swiss chard and some celery. Swiss chard is a green, very good just wilted in a hot pan with some crumled bacon throw in there. Very good for you. We eat it right out of the garden, its yummy!

These are the cabbages before I took all the outer layer off and the root. I just pull the whole thing up and then all the goodies go to the animals. That is my puppy Dahlia wo had to help me.

Here is another picture of Dahlia and her mom Dutchess. They had to inspect, jump on and even eat some of the veggies as I was cleaning and taking pictures of all the produce. Dutchess eats alot of veggies and I guess her daughters will too. Tiki, Duthess's other daughter is not in the pictures, she was wrestling with a cat.

So what have you been harvesting from your garden or trees? What have you been making with the produce?  Do you have a recipe you would like to share? What are you going to be shopping for that maybe did not grow this year or that you did not get enough of? I want more squash of any kind,  but espeially spaghetti squash. I did get some corn frozen courtesy of my friend Maria but  would still like to put some more up. I need to make a ton of apple sauce as my daughter can eat ALOT of it! Thank God its a bumper year for apples! I will be making pear sauce as well. I also need to make carmel apple jam, I gave them away for Christmas and it was a big hit!

Recipes will be coming.
Thanks friend for stopping by.


  1. Love the new look! Very clean. Keep up the good work and the garden. Your vegetables look lots better than mine. I only got 3 cukes off my vine. Very disappointing!

  2. Great crop! Wish I could grow all those things. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. Can't wait for the caramel apple jam recipe. Not that I could ever make it or anything. Maybe someday... :)

  3. These new pictures look great! I'm growing pumpkins in our back garden...A big willow tree's hanging over it, but they're growin'. (;
    Dutchess and Dahlia look cute in these pics! I hadn't seen them before.

  4. Super new look! I need to learn how to do one--blog site, that is. The sewing pics are fun additions--and colorful!! I better get over to see the pups before they are grown...