Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review-The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis

I really enjoyed reading the new Beverly Lewis book The Fiddler. She did a wonderful job of blending two people from different backgrounds that were each at a crossroads in their life. Both are very hard working, goal oriented people that do not want to let their families down but at the same time feel smothered by what they are expected to do. I appreciate that Ms Lewis does not have them take the easy way out which would be to throw in the towel and do what they want when they want it. Instead she has them think it through, get counsel from various different people and then follow through with some previous obligations.
It is always refreshing to see an author show their characters with some depth, morals and values. I like when I read a book and the character remembers something that they had been taught but may not have been living to the fullest. This book shows with Amelia that she had not been living a life where she was being true to herself and honest with her family. She had forgotten the simple pleasures of some of the things that she had learned with her Grandmother, including talking to God and having a relationship with him. It all shows that Michael is very family oriented, has a strong faith but still has to make some hard decisions. It shows that tough decisions can be made with putting others first and waiting on the right timing. I think we forget that as we live in a very instant, give it to me now world that is pretty "self-centered".
It was refreshing to be reminded that although we all walk our own road in life we all go through similar trials, its how we deal with those trials that makes the journey good or bad.
I would highly recommend reading this book. I want to thank Bethany House for sending out a copy to me free of charge. All that they ask of me is to post a review, good or bad. I would also like to thank Ms. Lewis for writing another good book that I have had the privilege to read.

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  1. I liked your review. You did a good job of letting readers know the underlying themes without ruining the review with too many details. I also read this book and posted a review a few weeks ago at my blog Thoughts from Mill Street. Am enjoying peeking in at your blog.